US in Bible Prophecy

The United States in Bible Prophecy is a big topic for Bible Prophecy experts.

The question on everyone’s mind is, Where is the US in Bible Prophecy? Is the United States mentioned in ¬†prophecy in the Bible? This is because today as I write this the US is the leading world empire. It is only natural to wonder what role the world’s leading world power will take as¬† Bible Prophecy unfolds. Due to the US’s role today some teachers teach that the US is the Beast of Revelation and the final world empire.

Is the US The Final World Empire?

While Bible Prophecy teachers believe the United States is the Beast of Revelation , which does not line with prophecy in the Bible on several levels. Such as the US government does not match  the government outlined in the books of Daniel and the Revelation and neither does the location. There are also many other areas that do not align with Bible Prophecy and prophecy in the Bible in general. The teaching of the US as the final world empire is nonscence. Avoid those teachings. Hence, the US in Bible Prophecy does not mean the nation will have the lead.

A geopolitical tectonic shift will occur in the global pecking order and the US will be surpassed by the EU as the leading power

In  Bible Prophecy the Bible does not refer to the US as the leading superpower.  The books of Daniel and the Revelation describe the Roman Empire as becoming the most powerful world power the world has ever known. The US will loose it superpower status as the EU gains position as the world’s leading empire. Most of all the US in Bible Prophecy means the US contributing its part to the final line up of powers.

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The United States is going to decline in power

If the United States is not the leading world power, consequently we can expect the US to decline in power.  The decline will come in many areas and might happen due to a major event or will occur gradually. A Key area to watch is the US deficit because the deficit is so damaging to the strength of the US.   Therefore the US in Bible Prophecy means that we can expect to see this decline.

The US Dollar Will Cease to Be the World’s Reserve

Since the EU is going to become the greatest empire to ever exist consequently¬† the¬† US dollar, which has been a symbol ¬†of US strength and prosperity will cease to be the world’s reserve currency. In addition to our nations¬†deficit¬†and the¬†quantitative¬†easing, nations are moving away from the US Dollar as the world’s reserve. Hence the dollar has further eroded as the world‚Äôs reserve, which allows our the US to borrow at low interest rates.¬† ¬†In response to US Russia sanctions, Russia has taken major steps to move the US away from its reserve status.¬† Hence, the US in Prophecy will bring an end to the dollar as the world’s reserve.

The US in Bible Prophecy is that it will lend to the fulfillment of Bible Prophecy

The US in Bible Prophecy will mean that the US will help lend to the fulfillment of the prophetic forcasts. Most noteworthy it is not forecast as the leading world power.¬† ¬†Its decisions are already giving way to various predictions. Such as Donald Trump’s moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and taking the lead other nations are following.¬† His tough stance requiring funding for NATO and his embracing the EU’s right wing groups lent to the EU’s greater resolve to go forward with its own army and in other political areas.¬† Due to Donald Trump’s presidential policies, he has helped catapult the EU’s¬† movement going¬† forward.¬† The specifics on this are below in various articles.

The US in Bible Prophecy-Possibly One Biblical Citation

Jeremiah 6:22-26  predicts and invasion of Jerusalem by peoples from the North country and a great nation from the farthest parts of the earth.  It seems like this could be referring to Russia and the United Statess.

The passage reads:

2 Thus says the Lord:“Behold, a people comes from the north country, And a great nation will be raised from the farthest parts of the earth.

23 They will lay hold on bow and spear; They are cruel and have no mercy; Their voice roars like the sea;
And they ride on horses,¬†As men of war set in array against you, O daughter of Zion.‚ÄĚ
24 We have heard the report of it; Our hands grow feeble. Anguish has taken hold of us, Pain as of a woman in labor.
25 Do not go out into the field, Nor walk by the way. Because of the sword of the enemy, Fear is on every side.
26 O daughter of my people, Dress in sackcloth And roll about in ashes! Make mourning as for an only son, most bitter lamentation; For the plunderer will suddenly come upon us.
Possible Russia-US Mini Coalition

These two nations will most likely attack the Antichrist in Jerusalem as a mini coaltion and then onto the battle of Armageddon, about 79 miles away.¬† ¬†It fits the description of the United States as a great nation.¬† If this is in fact the US, we have our one citation of the US in Bible Prophecy.¬† This tells us that though the US will no longer be the leading world power in light of the EU’s strengh and greatness. Yet it will still remain a great nation. For more on the US and Russia in Bible Prophecy see my articles or Youtube playlists.

US-EU relations in light of the US in Bible Prophecy

Most probably the US will form deep relations with the EU. It will have no choice.¬† Once the US dollar ceases to be the world’s reserve the United States will suffer serious hardship. As a result,¬† the EU might help to prop up the US because of the importance of its market for EU trade.

EU  prepares for US Collapse

Several years back the EU started to focus its trade with China and other nations to buffer itself against a US dollar collapse.  In addition to changes in US policy.  The EU now formed trade pacts with about 80 nations vs. the United States, which  formed with only 20.  Most of all, the EU buffered itself so that its prosperity did not completly rely on trade with the United States.  The US still remains a major trade partner for the EU,

The European Union is Going to Surpass the US and take the lead on the world stage as the No. 1 leading empire

Here at Prophecy Talk I follow the developments in this area.  Ways the EU is already beginning to surpass the US that is not reported in the mainstream media.

I also replay the United States decline from within. In addition, I tackle the question if the US can be destroyed by a nuclear attack. If this would fulfill what prophecy alludes to in the Bible. Many other areas are examined such as:

 The United States and Israel as it relates to Bible Prophecy

More than any other US President, Donald Trump’s politics rocked European Union integration and is helping to move it forward.  Especially the EU’s formation of its army. For this reason, this page includes a special section on the European Union and Donald Trump.

Coming US Dollar Collapse –Dollar Decline

The dollar is going to cease to be the world’s reserve currency. We know this because it is the US dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency that is the reason for its strenghth.¬† Thus, a key area that this Prophecy Talk follows is the decline of the US dollar.

The Role of NATO

NATO formed in 1944 after World War II to secure the defense of Europe.  It became a pillar of the Cold War.  With the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 NATO lost its relevance  For the last couple of decades NATO has sought to reinvent itself.  The European Union held two views, one that NATO remained a pillar of the EU helping to provide their defense while also seeking to form their own army. The other Europeans wanted to do away with NATO and have Europe build its own army and defense with no reliance on the United States.

All US presidents welcomed the idea of the EU army because it helped in what they called “burden sharing” on the part of the Europeans, yet they still remained heavily invested in Nato’s mission. This is until Donald Trump who views NATO as an unfair alliance because the bill for the defense of Europe is footed by the Americans.¬† With Trump’s statements NATO’s future is uncertain.¬† ¬†Prophecy Talk follows developments in NATO and predicts based on Bible Prophecy that the EU army will rise and NATO’s purpose will diminish.

Nation will rise against Nation-The US in Bible Prophecy

In the last couple of decades we have witnessed the US act as aggressor on the world stage.¬† In addition to weaponizing the dollar and issuing record numbers of sanctions on foreign nations.¬† Moreover fulfilling Jesus’s predicition that nation will rise against nation.

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