Who Is God and What Does God Look Like?

Many have wondered who God really is and what he looks like.  I am going to explain Who is God from the angle of what He looks like. This answer does not touch on the character of God, but rather describes Him. The Bible says that no man has seen God at any time and if man were to see his face he would die.  But, based on various details and descriptions we have an idea of who God is and what He looks like.

Around the throne room of God we see energy forces, thunder, lightening, hail, bright white light, and even earthquakes.   His voice is like thunder. We have descriptions of his throne engulfed in fire and we know that in the new heaven and new earth He replaces the Sun as a light source. At the same time of His being this powerful energy source that is incomprehensible to us because He is an energy source that created the world.  From the world we see order and a system and no waste. Nothing in nature is wasted.  So along with being an energy source greater than the Sun, he is also possesses perfect intelligence.

God is all knowing. In addition He has a spiritual dimension. The spiritual dimension we do not fully comprehend, but we experience it as a born again Christian. ¬†The Spiritual accounts for the angels, Satan and his demons and the spirit and soul God gives to man. He redeems man that man may join Him and be united with Him (and His son) in spirit. ¬†God is not restricted by time or space as we are because of His spiritual dimension. ¬†Finally, He looks like a man and has the face of a man. Everywhere we look in nature, on all of God’s creation we see some form of a face, whether we look at man, animals, birds, fish or insects. ¬†God is throwing us a big hint as to his own nature. ¬†We are also told that God has a face and that man is made in his image.

Imagine a giant man with a face who can also become a burning bush, a pillar of smoke, a man on earth or even a still small voice, who is everywhere and sees everything.  Who is also an energy force so powerful He is more powerful than all of the forces of nature put together including the Sun, Stars and Moon. This is the closest we can picture Who Is God in terms of What Does God look Like.

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