The Twist News is a Non-Profit News Show headquartered in New York City, which provides bold insightful commentary on world political events from an international perspective. The Twist News educates by highlighting overlooked, undereported and neglected story’s in the mainstream media while providing a unique refreshing, innovative approach to the news arena. Its lens is the multipolar world, reporting on decisions that will shift the balance of power and it aims to keep Israel front and center in this evolution while exposing Antisemitism in the social and political arena in which Israel finds itself.

The Twist New’s hosts bring a unique mix to the show. Erika Grey an Evangelical Christian author was raised in New Canaan Connecticut, a town populated and sought after by the power elite. She is a journalist proficient in European Union politics and affairs, Don Pravda born in Manhattan, is Jewish from the tribe of Levi and he hails from the all-important New York City Jewish Community. He both worked on Capitol Hill and presided over major Jewish organizations. Together they provide news and analysis that fills a reporting gap and challenges the status quo en route to a better world.


We believe we can challenge the status quo en route to a better world by educating the public in providing neglected and underreported news because knowledge is power.

We believe the emerging empires in this multipolar order should be held accountable. That decisions that will impact all nations should be reported on as soon as they are determined.

We believe that sovereignty is misused and abused and manipulated to suit the preeminent powers. We will highlight and expose these actions which currently unjustly pressure smaller countries such as Israel. Regarding Israel, we believe this democracy faces unique challenges such as antisemitism and we will expose it in politics. Moreover, we believe it is important to keep Israel front and center and in the foreground of the lineup of global powers.