Erika Grey is an Author, Journalist, Eschatologist and Commentator.

Erika Grey is an Author, Journalist, Eschatologist and Commentator.

Prophecy Talk with Erika Grey sets a standard of excellence in Bible Prophecy news. She is the first eschatologist to provide geopolitical analysis. Thus, she provides her audience with detailed, concise reporting on the end time prophetic writings and their alignment in current world affairs.

Erika has authored numerous books on Biblical Prophecy. The Seat of the Antichrist: Bible Prophecy and the European Union reigns as her flagship work. Erika Grey established herself as the Evangelical Community’s leading expert on the European Union and Bible Prophecy. In fact, she has met numerous members of the EU elite, i.e. high-level EU politicians and interviewed several.

 Who’s Who of Bible Prophecy

Erika Grey has written for Yahoo News, Global Watch weekly and Blogactiv. This is the blogging site for Euractiv; a leading EU policy website.  Equally important she is listed in Sound Christian’s Who’s Who of Bible Prophecy. 

Interviewed on Coast to Coast

Erika Grey has spoken on numerous radio stations in the US, Canada and Europe. She was even featured in an interview on  Coast to Coast radio.

Raised in a Power Town

Erika was born and raised in the affluent power town New Canaan Connecticut. It is a prestigious bedroom community of New York City. Many of its residents are members of the business, financial and cultural elite. Their names don the pages of the various Who’s Who directories. In other words, Erika was raised around high standards of excellence. The same level benchmark she set for her work in offering Bible Prophecy News & Analysis.

Erika’s Salvation and Special Gift

Erika accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal Savior just prior to her 18th birthday. She is currently an Evangelical Christian for over 40 years. She attended both Baptist Bible College East and Liberty University. Consequently, illness prevented her from finishing.  Never-the-less, High school tests revealed she possessed a special ability for abstract reasoning. She scored way above the school’s top students.

Erika was told that she could learn anything and thus do well even at Ivy League schools. Already exhibiting her artistic talents, Erika was one of the school’s top art students. The school possessed the No. 1 Art Department in the State of Connecticut.

The Beginning of Erika’s Work

Erika  launched her website in the fall of 2009 .But her research began in late 1989.  She would first examine if we were in fact in the end times. As her work continued  she saw how conspiracy theories, fake news and erronious bazaar and false teachings proliferated. Consequently they lacked actual geopolitical analysis along with sound Biblical teaching. However, Erika would provide what was missing in the area of Bible Prophecy news.  Moreover Erika disovered that her spacial reasoning ability helped her solve many prophetic ambiguities. In addition to providing consise corelations to current affairs.

Erika’s Standards and Model

Erika Grey’s  sources are top of the line. She goes behind the scenes. In fact Erika does not rely on news headlines exclusively as others who offer Bible Prophecy news.

On the contrary Erika labeled herself as a Biblical Magi  or “wise woman.” Specifically after  the Magi at the time of Herod who were the academia and astrologers of their day. In fact, these were whom Christ referred to in Matthew 23:34 … I send you prophets, wise men, and scribes..”

Given Erika Grey’s standards her work caught the attention of a member of the French Aristocracy and EU politician. HE Count Christian d’ Andlau Hombourg.  A lawyer, financier and historian, Count Christian d’Andlau served as the former Secretary General of Paneuropa. This was while  under the then archduke Otto Von Hapsburg.  Simultaneously he currently presides as President of the Strasbourg jurisdiction. In addition he holds the Presidency of the Federalist party in the East of France. Upon reading her books he invited her to Paris, France. She accepted and while there she interviewed him on Paneuropa’s contribution to the European Union.  Concerning her books he wrote:

I have already read your “Decoding the Number of the Beast”, “The Antichrist of Revelation” and “The Seat of the Antichrist”. All three books are brilliant ! Presently, I am reading “The Revived Roman Empire” (which seems to be my favorite one.) And next I shall read “The Whore of Babylon before we meet.”

Erika succeeded in garnering the respect for Bible Prophecy that false teachers and conspiracy theorists destroyed.

The Success of Erika’s Blog

Feedspot rated Prophecy Talk as one of the top 50 prophecy blogs on the internet. In addition, Amazon extended an invite to Erika Grey to their invitation only influencer program.

Erika’s Social Network

Erika Grey has amassed a strong social network of fans and followers.

Furthermore, Erika has her own author page on Amazon, Goodreads and open library. She is listed in Alchetron’s online social encyclopedia. Most importantly Erika was mentioned in an article in the New Yorker and the Christian Post and in other publications.

Erika Grey Mission Statement

To Warn and Inform in Jesus’s name

To provide the most accurate analysis of Bible Prophecy and Current Affairs available.

And the Lord God of their fathers sent warnings to them by His messengers, rising up early and sending them, because He had compassion on His people and on His dwelling place ( 2 Chronicles 36: 15-16.)

Testimonial- Lawrence D. Palmer Audiobook Producer

Just from reading your books,  I can say for sure that you  have been given gifts that most others do not have.  The research you have done and the way you have expertly tied things together has not been done before, in anything I have read.

I don’t guess we ever talked about it but, I have completed 92 projects. Probably at least 75% of those were under 3 hours. And to be honest, only those that I have done in the last year or so, are tolerable to listen to. A handful of the books were really good; maybe as good or close to, yours.  I am not kidding, besides containing a wealth of good information, your books are the best written of 90% of what I have seen on ACX.

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