Summary of Joshua

Bible Book Summaries: Old Testament Books The book of Joshua begins with God speaking to Joshua and commanding him to cross the Jordan and lead the Israelites to the Promised Land. God assures Joshua that He will be with him. The battle of Jericho begins Joshua’s conquests. He sent two spies to investigate the city. … Read more

Summary of Deuteronomy

BIBLE BOOK SUMMARIES- Book of Deuteronomy The book of Deuteronomy begins with Moses reaffirming God’s promise to give the Israelites a bountiful home land and he sets up judges over the children of Israel.  Moses recounts the Israelites rebellion, wilderness journey and God’s defeat of their enemies. He commands the Israelits to obey God’s statutes … Read more

Summary of Leviticus

  Bible Book Summaries: Old Testament Book In the book of Leviticus, God speaks to Moses from the Tent of Meeting and issues Moses the Law, which begins with the requirements for the sacrifices for various offerings: burnt, grain, fellowship, sin and trespass.  From the first chapter is symbolism of Jesus Christ in the offering … Read more