Evangelical Censorship? God’s Hand

Bible Prophecy news sites and Evangelical commentators are screaming censorship of Conservative news and this is not what is occurring. What is taking place is the elimination of fake news, and conspiracy’s which no facts support, are unproven and cannot be verified.  Those who share these lies are crying censorship on Facebook because their political … Read more

Insurrection Crackdown-Evangelicals Drinking KoolAid of New Fascism

Rape, assassination, guillotines for the liberals, this was the conversation on Parlor. At the Capital insurrection police found homemade napalm and discovered the insurrectionists urinated and defecated all over its rooms. Not to mention an officer was beaten with a flagpole. Right now, there are metal detectors in the Capital for each Member of Congress. … Read more

10 Ways Trump Tanked America-Not How You Think

All Trump supporters believe that Donald Trump has made America first.  The truth is that Donald Trump just tanked America. The US was just knocked out of first place. The EU just moved ahead of the United States. Given a view to Donald Trump’s policy and following EU news and chatter I was tuning into, … Read more

Bible Prophecy News Show -Countdown 100-Epoch Warning

This first broadcast of the Bible Prophecy New’s Show exposes Falun Gong of the Epoch Times and provides other Bible Prophecy New’s segments. The Script is written below. Hello and welcome to the show I’m Erika Grey and I’m your host. also welcome to my first show of 2021 in my new prophecy news show … Read more

The End of Donald Trump & His False Prophets

Several false prophets or well-meaning Evangelicals predicted that Trump was going to win the election. I was the only one who came out and said that he was not going to win.  While one of the false prophets Paul Begley who built his analysis around Trump’s presidency and erroneously taught that the Israel peace plan … Read more