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Beware of Fake News Sites For Bible Prophecy News


An article was published in RT today where ex CIA employee and whistle-blower Edward Snowden said not to rely on Facebook as your only source of news because it showed fake news.   Back in the day fake news used to be called propaganda.  Fake news today is to either sway you to the extreme right or left.  While it is not spread by the government, it is spread by the citizens. 

What is a tragedy is that  some of the names listed on the Fake New’s Sites Lists, such as the one published by, are followed by end time Bible Prophecy watchers.  


One in particular is a Bible Prophecy news website listed on the first pages of Google.  The Fake News site list is the list of shame for anyone who considers themselves a Bible Prophecy news source. 

The reason is because they are teaching conspiracy theories as end time news and because they wouldn’t know a real news source if it looked them in the eye.  Real journalists use reliable trustworthy top of the line news sources and sites.  
 I am always surprised when Bible Prophecy news sites list their sources and most get a D when it comes to journalistic quality. Others fail in the area of reliability, this is why  on my website I state that my End Time, Bible Prophecy Updates fit Geopolitically meaning there is no conspiracy theory nonsense on my site and I tell you that is a source you can rely on, because the sources I consult are top of the line. You will never see my site listed on any fake news site lists. If you want to take a peak at my sources, take a look at the likes on my Facebook pages, I have both a personal and a fan page and also follow me on twitter and subscribe to my lists and take a look at the sources categorized in my lists.  


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