God Removes Trump & Irwin Baxter Dies

EU Observer today reported that,” Biden on edge of victory, as EU fears post-election ‘chaos.'” The chaos is because Donald Trump is a sore loser and he is doing just as I predicted. He will take this country down along with his himself to hold onto power. He is inciting his voters to violence and doing nothing but lying to them. Yes, he did deliver in the early part of his term, but so didn’t Adolph Hitler deliver for Germany. They say that if he had died 3 years after he came into power he would have been remembered as Germany’s greatest chancellor.

Irwin Baxter Dies of COVID 19

Irwin Baxter died two days ago of COVID 19, he came out and stated a year ago that” Trump’s critics are satanic and the devil himself was mad at Trump for messing up his evil goal of global government. Never was there a statement so ignorant of both the Bible and of world affairs. All prophecy is foretold by God and glorifies Him at its fulfillment. Saying that anyone can stop prophecy is blasphemous. Baxter’s comments were blasphemous! It is this kind of worship of Trump I have spoken about in my videos.

Donald Trump is Dangerous

Biden may be a liberal but he is less dangerous than Donald Trump. He is predictable and at least we will have a level of normal than what we will have with Trump. In addition Biden is presidential and is not obsessed about his critics and getting back at them. Trump’s policy’s going forward will bring down this country in a very ugly way. I believe Biden is the better candidate so that our decline that is coming will be less bumpy. Abortion and the entire LBGT movement will go forward even with a Republican in office and has moved forward during Trump’s term. We were told the transgressors would come to the full and we are watching that unfold. We cant stop Abortion or LBGT anymore than you can stop the violence, sexual immorality or divorce and addiction rates in the world. They are signs of the times.

The EU Empire is Rising

I have been watching the EU during this entire COVID lockdown, it has allowed me to get in on meetings on Zoom I do not have to leave my home to attend. A tectonic shift is coming. In part because their plan to revive and grow their economy is on a very structured path. They aim to surpass the US and China in key economic areas. Their plan is beyond brilliant and they are making laws that will ensure their success. The empire is rising.

Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden

Trump is an imbecile when it comes to dealing with the EU. Biden is also uninformed but at least better in the area of foriegn policy. You will see what I am talking about when the time comes. Concerning Israel, the ball is already rolling and more agreements should come even without Trump. Those are leading toward the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38. All of my other negative opinions I have expressed about Donald Trump are in my recent videos such as the blindness on the part of Evangelicals and “Donald” worship. Not to mention the false prophets who latched onto him. I have one more, he is inciting his voters to stay in power and there is no doubt in my mind that if he had been a passenger on the Titanic, he would have thrown people overboard to save himself.