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In the End Times Human Monsters are Everywhere

An article on ABC news titled, “Australian Parents Jailed for Daughter’s 15 Years of Abuse’ provides shocking details of  the girl’s father raping his daughter with a variety of sharp objects, tying her up in a shed or plastic box for up to 3 days at a time, and mom teaching her daughter from the age of 8 how to sexually arouse her father.

   This same week I read an article about ISIS who film the torture, rape and murder of their victims and leave the body parts and video footage on the doorsteps of the parent or parents. 

 Human Monsters! In these end times human monsters are roaming everywhere. 

People with no empathy, heart, and with a capacity for evil so great that their deeds might as well be out of the pits of hell itself. 

 It is incomprehensible to me, but we were warned in 2 Timothy and by the prophet Daniel and Jesus himself, but never could we have imagined what we are seeing.  

As we get closer to the Tribulation, the evil and wickedness increases and human monsters are in our midst.  

During the Tribulation the greatest human monster is going to be the Antichrist, which is why the Revelation calls him, “the Beast.”

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