48-Parallel Dimensions

666,mark of the beast, number of the beast

16 Parallel Dimensions In science there is a good deal of emphasis and talk of parallel dimensions and of the possibility of life on other planets.  In quantum computing there is the theory that quantum computers work by crossing into other dimensions. When it comes to parallel dimensions the Bible is very clear of the … Read more

49-Parallel Universe-The God of the Bible

 To comprehend it, one must first examine  the God of the Bible. As an analyst and a journalist I often step back and view God as He is presented in the Bible and not as He has been stereotyped. As I study Scripture, I am often struck by the esoteric and peculiar nature of the … Read more

50-Parallel Universe -Demons and Angels in the Revelation

In this parallel world is described a mighty angel clothed with a cloud and a rainbow on his head, whose face is like the sun and feet like pillars of fire.  He cries out as a lion cries out and when he uttered his voice seven thunders uttered their voices. He holds in his hand … Read more

51-Parallel Universe- Understood by a Child

666,mark of the beast, number of the beast

It all began in the garden and the fall of man.  Not only did this launch the battle that will end at Armageddon, but it also reveals to us a peculiar God, who required the sacrificial blood of animals that would foreshadow the death of His Son and the blood atonement required for salvation.  This … Read more