10 Confessions of a Bible Prophecy Writer

Confessions of a Bible Prophecy writer As a Bible Prophecy writer I have 10 confessions to make concerning my thoughts and reactions to prophetic events and end of the world weather and organizations. Here are my confessions: Confession No. 1-While I expose the EU because it is going to be the launching pad for the … Read more

Cruelty to Animals-Another Symptom of the End Times

Today I read about the brutality of the Mexican Drug and other gangs that are fast spreading across America with violence so unimaginable, not only against other gang members but even against innocent civilians to exhibit their ruthlessness.  Meanwhile I came across Paul McCartney’s video on www.meat.org which I urge my readers to click on … Read more

EU Empire-The Formation of the Spinelli Group

At this time when the EU is at the crossroads of punching up to its weight, making its presidency more visible on the world stage and implementing the various details of the Lisbon Treaty, meant to transform the EU into a political power, the Spinelli Group of federalists recently formed with the intention of driving … Read more

EU Empire Punching Up To Its Weight in World Institutions

At the European Union Summit on September 16, 2010, where EU leaders gathered to discuss their helping the EU build a more common foreign policy, Council President HermanVan Rumpuy stated that the 27 nation bloc which accounts for 22 percent of the world economy “is punching below its weight.” He prompted leaders to discuss their … Read more