The Bomb Called Brexit It’s Fallout and Bible Prophecy

BREXIT that is the UK voting to exit the European Union shocked the world. It is not only the most serious crisis the European Union has faced with fallout that is effecting the EU, UK and world markets but it is bound to create a geopolitical tectonic shift. In my article Bible Prophecy and the … Read more

2016-Recap of Year’s Start & Predictions

We are not but a few days into the New Year and we are seeing the year begin with conflict. Vladimir Putin in a new security document named NATO and the US as direct threats.  North Korea’s Year’s message was to let everyone know it was ready for war, Brussels began the New Year with … Read more

2015 End Time Bible Prophecy Year in Review

    2015 began with the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack and news of the Islamic State atrocities continued with the shocking video of the burning of the Jordanian pilot, which brought swift retaliation from Jordan. The terrorist attack in Paris lockdown in Belgium, and shooting at the San Bernardino social services center marked 2015 as … Read more