How to Study Bible Prophecy in 10 Steps

Many wonder how to study Bible Prophecy, I have provided 10 simple steps to help you study Bible prophecy. 1. Be familiar with all 66 books of the Bible.number 2. Have a good understanding of the basic teachings of Bible Prophecy 3. Compare Scripture with Scripture ALWAYS 4. Have access to a concordance and go … Read more

The Three Kings- The Secret of the Magi’s Gifts Revealed

the magi, wise men, 3 wise men, wise mens gift, gold frankincense and myrrh

Why did the three kings bring frankincense, myrrh and gold to the young Jesus? This question has been asked through the ages. Theologians and Bible Scholars have answered that all three represent the Lord Jesus Himself, from his power, deity, and priesthood to his death.  These explanations just skim the surface of the reason the Magi … Read more