Bible Prophecy Fulfilled in Historical Decisions in EU’s Evolution

  In end times prophecy all Bible Prophecy teachers agree that the Revelation forecasts a global, one world order ruled by the revived Roman empire that has global rule.  For this reason world institutions and globalization has caught the attention of Bible Prophecy teachers.  Here at Prophecy Talk with my emphasis on the geopolitical and … Read more

The Empire: The Tribulation is Coming- 11

IT WILL SURELY COME When the disciples asked Jesus, “What will be the sign of your coming?” As was pointed out in an earlier chapter, Jesus provided a series of predictions that all point to a world in utter turmoil and chaos. Many of the signs specifically relate to the Tribulation period, but several predict … Read more

The Empire:Mark of the Beast-8

THE MARK OF THE BEAST I want to talk about a very different revolution that is taking place right now, quietly sweeping the globe without bloodshed or conflict…Its effects are peaceful, but they will fundamentally alter our world, shatter old assumptions and reshape our lives…as its emblem, one might take the tiny silicon chip—no bigger … Read more

The Empire: As was time of Noah and Lot-1

AS WAS THE TIME OF NOAH: AS WAS THE TIME OF LOT As Was the Time of Noah: Violence One-third of the Bible’s message is prophetic. History records the fulfillment of all biblical prophecies except those pertaining to the Tribulation. The “Great Tribulation” occurs within a seven-year time frame (Dan. 9:25-27). It culminates at the … Read more