Why The Mark of the Beast Will Guarantee You Will Go To Hell

It hit me like a bolt of lightning that taking the mark of the beast causes one to spend their eternity in hell.  For those who do not know about the mark of the beast it is mentioned twice in the Revelation  and referenced to in six verses and it is the mark that the … Read more

Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderbergers and Bible Prophecy?

It always amazes me how conspiracy theories have flowed through the Evangelical Christian pipeline into End time teachings.   This is the work of none other than Lucifer himself who will blind many Christians to the truth because he is after all the father of lies.  Satan also likes to create confusion. Today I am going … Read more

Why US Citizens Better Pay Attention to the EU

There are many people in the US who believe that entire world rises and falls around the United States. America is the most powerful nation in the world.  America provides the policemen for the world. Our soldiers stand in bases situated in countries around the world. The US dollar is the world’s reserve and it … Read more

Is the Antichrist Handsome and Charming? Common Myths

The mysterious frightening language of the Revelation leaves us mystified and terrified and curious, especially when it comes to the person of the Antichrist. Who is he, what will he look like? Myths have surfaced and anyone who embraces these myths is not paying attention to what the Scriptures teach about the Antichrist. Some teachers … Read more

Is Pope Francis The False Prophet?

On February 11, 2013, Pope Benedict XVI sitting on his red and gold throne, dressed  in his red robe surrounded by robed Catholic clergy, softly uttered his resignation. The news shocked the airwaves as this was the first pope to step down in 600 years since the middle ages. That same day the BBC reported … Read more